Friday, 28 October 2011

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Look for Sacred artistry competition for October

Hey everyone. The time has come again for the Sacred Artistry competition and the theme was Halloween. Immediately i saw this i knew i was going to be doing a zombie like look and i was fascinated by Tim Burton's corpse bride. After some trial and error as well as tips from you tube videos i set on my adventure.

Just in case you have not watched this cartoon here is a pic of the original corpse bride.

Th original corpse bride

I really enjoyed this movie.

Well i did change a few things since as you can see the bride has a blueish tinge to her and i could not go blue as i am dark skinned. i hope you like my own version. My version actually scares me more than the original. LOL. i would have loved to show a breakdown of the steps but as i was working on myself i was more intent on getting the finished look.

My Version of corpse bride

For the base i used Sacha liquid foundation in Perfect caramel (5 shades lighter than my own complexion) ad dusted it with MUD loose powder (white) to get the ashy tone. I also used Sacha concealer to block out my eyebrows and rub all over my lips to get the dull look you see in the picture.

For a tutorial i watched i saw the lady use UHU glue stick to get these patches that look like rotting skin but i was just too lazy to start searching for that. Instead of the glue stick i decided to mash white bar soap and just stick it on my face till it dried.

While waiting for it to dry i used a white eyeliner for the lower rim of my eyes to make them appear larger and black eye shadow all over the eye. After which i used liquid liner to make the spikes around my eyes, eye brow and stitches all over me.

The soap patches were now dry and i used a brown face paint to paint all over the soap. Then i used a red face paint to just give the appearance of dried blood and make the rotting face more realistic.

Not yet satisfied with the look i finally decided to use some black face paint on my lips to make the lips appear even more cracked.

This is my entry for the Sacred Artistry competition and i hope you like it.

YAY!!! I won...

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