Thursday, 27 October 2011

Bibi Natural Hair and Body butter ( My hair regimen)

Most of you know by now i carry my natural hair which is free of relaxer. I did this because i found out that being on relaxer was not working for my hair at all. Some people have a full head of relaxed hair and it works for them.

This product I am about to review is Bibi Natural Hair and Body butter which is all i use for my hair..... It is a combination of Shea butter, Almond oil and all essential oils that will make your hair flourish. Also available for purchase is pure unadulterated coconut oil (it smells heavenly too).

Hair and Body butter

This is not your ordinary Shea butter  to those that may scoff at this. This Shea butter has been infused with, coconut, almond and olive oil and finally whipped together to create a fluffy texture that makes application to your hair or skin much easier. If you have ever tried using raw Shea butter then you know just what i am talking about.

If you ever wondered how i could keep my natural hair frizz free and easy-to-comb then wonder no more because i use Bibi Natural.

Bibi Natural pure coconut oil

This i grabbed from the lady and friend who produces it because coconut oil has so many benefits for the hair and skin and i have searched far and wide for this. There are so many products out there claiming to be coconut oil but THIS is the real deal. Apart from the almost clear colour you can always tell by the fragrance( when you sniff this you go straight to coconut heaven). If you want to purchase this divine product it is measured in millilitres(mls).

This products are definitely a must have for any body who has natural hair out there but did i also mention that it is also a great product if you use relaxers on your hair. For relaxed hair that goes through all that heat this products will help keep your hair strong and healthy.

If you aim to have a healthy head of hair that is truly yours then this products are a must have...

To book for this products you can call Bibi Natural on 08054073992 and yes it can be shipped nationwide in Nigeria.

Disclaimer: I have not been in any way influenced to write this review as i purchased this product with my own funds.....

So feel free to drop any comments and see you at the next post...