Friday, 21 October 2011

Haul from Guru Makeup Emporium and other places

I love my makeup box ( I have a cute pink trolley) but sometimes i am carrying around too much baggage. Seeing that i will be travelling more, i have started the process of compacting my kit. This weekend i will be doing a lot of depot-ting and transfer of products.

My friend/Make-up Artist Kike just got back from the UK and during her stay, she was gracious enough to get me some stuff that i needed( thanks for all you did ... mwah mwah).

First stop for her was Guru Makeup Emporium. check their site here Guru Makeup Emporium . If you are ever in the UK you must have a look.

Beauty blender and cleanser combo

If you don't know about this sponge you can click on this link (Beauty Blender) to get more info. By the way this picture i have on my blog does not do enough justice. it is just as pretty as it looks on the website pictures. Review of the sponge and cleanser coming soon...

Paris Berlin professional studio bag

A snap shot of the bag 

I wanted a bag that i can decide to sling over my shoulders as well as hold like a briefcase. I had earlier in the year purchased some of the clear bags  so i guess having the bag now makes it all come together. Review of the Paris Berlin studio bag coming up .......  it has a lot of room and well padded. I believe it will fit my new compact kit.

Kroylan Moustache wax

This particular buy is an experiment.I will keep you all updated.

Powder sifters and storage box

The powder sifters are from Guru Makeup Emporium but the storage boxes were from somewhere else. Instead of dragging around my loose powders and spilling it everywhere i will be using this to save space. The storage boxes(i have four of them) are to preserve my cream products that i will be depot-ting.

Loose pigments

This loose pigments are from Super Drug (Dazzle me and 2 true). Colours are purple, bright orange, hot pink, light green. Review will be coming up soon

Face Paints push up sticks

I got these from Amigos Supermarket in Abuja. Colours are Red , Black, White, Yellow, Green, Blue.

For the weekend i will be having fun with my kit. Thanks to Kike.

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