Sunday, 23 October 2011

My review of the Paris Berlin studio bag

Over the weekend i launched my new studio bag and i have to say i am very pleased. Below is a picture of the bag on the web..

I was bit worried that the bag might look smaller than this in reality but i was pleasantly surprised. It was bigger and even sturdier than i assumed.

Things i love about this bag are the colour, the material(so easy to clean), padding around the bag and also fact that i can throw it on my shoulders while i am on the move. I am yet to find something i don't like about the bag..

Bag zipped and empty

Bag unzipped

I was able to pack all my stuff that i work with into the bag which is just great.

Foundation, pencils, eye-shadows, blush, makeup tools

I have clear bags that i pack my cosmetics and sort them into different categories. A cheaper option would be storage or freezer bags.

Palette, depot-ted foundation, loose powder, brushes etc


I was able to decant my loose powder into the sifter containers as well as lipstick and cream foundation in the storage boxes which helped to make space in my bag..

Bag unzipped with contents

Bag zipped with brushes by the side pockets

Looking forward to going on make-up sessions with my new comfy bag.