Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Afro / Twist outs Chic

I decided to go natural for a second time around this time last year. I had been natural before but at that time i did not make any effort to try and understand my hair. Now after years of relaxer abuse and stunted growth i said NO MORE.  I could not go for the BC (Big Chop) so i decided to trim the relaxed parts of my hair little by little and invested in braids and locs. Last weekend i finally had a full head of natural curls and i decided to do the twist out.

Decided to go black on white

One thing i learnt this time around is to co-wash my hair. which means when i am ready to wash my hair i should condition the hair first before using shampoo. i can say after obeying this rule my hair did not have any tangles. i also found out using my fingers to comb through while washing instead of a comb was better for me. Now i can say i have very soft and manageable hair especially with olive oil and shea butter in the mix.

That is how long my hair is when stretched

i have very curly hair that shrinks and making twists is the best way to reduce the shrinkage. i also sleep with  silk hair nets and in the morning i spritz with water and finger comb. i am been getting a lot of glances from strangers lately and i have no idea whether they love the hair or just love the bold attitude for carrying natural hair around town. i love my hair. i don't panic when it gets wets and it defies gravity and wind.

with my eyes lowered

For today i decided to enjoy making myself up for my new hairdo. After moisturising,i used Black opal cream foundation in perfect bronze and black walnut and set it with Sacha loose powder in Perfect bronze. for my brows, a pencil to fill in the sparse areas.I used my Sacha eye palette for my eyes. A deep orange with brown for my lid, brown for my crease and outer corner and a very light brown for my brow bone. Lipstick was from the LA girl sunset palette. MUD cream mascara for my lashes.

Just me in my twist outs

Me me me, loving my new hair.

I really love my new hair do and i know as it gets longer it may not defy gravity but for now i will enjoy each passing day.

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