Monday, 14 November 2011

MAKEUP - The easy way to a facelift

Makeup when properly applied gives the appearance of a facelift... (true or false?).

My answer would be TRUE and i have the pictures to prove it. I have always heard the great Makeup Artists talk about the easy face lift and after my experiment today i had no choice but to agree.

The pictures you are about to see will show one part of my face made up and the the other part completely bare.  This will show you how from a well defined brow to proper eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara application as well as blush you can have a subtle lift to your whole face.

Girls are not smiling.LOL!!

For the half that was made up i used black opal stick foundation in perfect bronze and carob, MAC mineralize skinfinish natural in dark to set my foundation.

On my eye i used Sacha 14 colour eye palette (plum on the lid and dark brown on the outer corner) as well as black eyepencil to line the inner rim of my eyes, MUD cream mascara for my lashes. Another great way to open up your eyes are with false lashes (strip or individual).

With camera flash

I hope you can tell the part of the face that was made up? So anytime you want to apply makeup on your face remember it is the fastest way to a great face lift so apply it properly..

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