Friday, 7 October 2011

Safe beauty (My Professional kit)

While doing my makeup course, i was introduced to the term safe beauty. In a short sentence it basically means doing everything humanely possible to reduce the risk of germs transferring into product, on your skin or even from one person to another(cross contamination). i recently had conjunctivitis and i was so grateful i had been keeping up with my safe beauty practices. The only stuff i had to toss out was my mascara.

Have you ever been to a cosmetic counter or shop and then see people using sample lipsticks and eye shadows directly on their lips and eyes? Before you ever do that, maybe you should wonder about just how many people did that before you and yes yuck!! that is not a pretty thought. There are so many infections one can get from conjunctivitis to the highly contagious cold sore.

Whether we want to or not we have to realise that cosmetics can be a breeding ground for germs and we must make sure we do everything to reduce this.  Below are the different items and how i reduce risks of transferring germs

1. ALWAYS HAVE CLEAN HANDS (wash or hands or have wipes available with a hand sanitizer)
2. Get a mixing pallette or bowl or something you can use..
3. Foundation  (whether cream or liquid) i always decant, i would not dip the brush or sponge into the product and use on the face. No double dipping.
4. Lipstick, gel liners are creamy products and i always take a little out with a plastic spatula or palette knife. i avoid rubbing the brush on the product. There are even disposable lip brushes but i like my lip brush.
5. For my powdery stuff like eye shadows, blush i do dip my brush in, but after my job is complete i wipe the surface with a clean tissue. When i get home i go through them with methylated spirit.
6. All pencils are sharpened before being used on the client.
7. For mascara i use disposable mascara brushes and avoid double dipping. Right now there are different sizes of disposable mascara brushes which will broaden why type of lashes you can achieve with them.
8. Last but not the least i always make sure i use one set of brush per person. If i have more people than brushes i always have on hand my Kryolan Instant brush cleaner. You would never want to transfer an infection from one person to the other

My case of disposable mascara brushes

My plastic mixing palette
I was given this mixing palette when i was in beauty school. very handy. i use the middle for my loose powder and the other little holes for everything else. I always clean it with alcohol before using.
Mary kay disposable mixing palette
This was given to me by a friend and it came in a pack of about 50. It is very thin and i guess you can keep recycling it till it gets broken.

Safe beauty has come to stay. I have just given you my regimen on how i keep my professional kit safe. The next part would be how i maintain my own personal make-up kit.