Friday, 23 September 2011

My christmas wishlist

Yes you saw right!! it is my christmas wishlist and i don't think it is too early to start planning.Unlike most people who will be buying shoes and clothes i will be purchasing make-up tools i want to add to my kit. Hohoho!!!Santa has his hands full.....

The Z palette
 This picture shows the Z palette with products but it actually comes empty and i cannot wait to get at least three of this and fill it up to my heart's content..You can put anything magnetic and in all shapes and sizes. it comes in black, pink,leopard and zebra and also large and small size.
The Beauty Blender
 This is a must have. i have heard good reviews and i hear other brands are coming out with their own version. Like we say in Nigeria if it is not panadol................

when i get this camera most of my problems will be solved. problems relating to taking pictures....i rest my case

Perfecting eye design course (illamasqua gift voucher)
For my next trip to the UK which will hopefully happen before Christmas, i will be treating myself to this two day class on perfecting eye design. Two days of bliss at Illamasqua (*shivering with excitement*)
External hard drive 
 I need this to save all my pictures and i need a lot of space apart from my computer
Sigma brush set
 A make-up artist can never have enough brushes. enough said!!
Soft make-up case
I love train cases, i have one myself with a trolley the whole works but when i had to drag my box up a flight of stairs to the 3rd floor (i assumed the hotel would have a lift) i changed my mind. I WANT THIS!!! LOL

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