Thursday, 22 September 2011

The journey to my Birds of paradise look

This post should have come long ago but i guess better late than never. For July i did a bird of paradise look and the inspiration did not come by magic. i kissed a number of frogs to get my prince and at the end i was satisfied. i came third for the competition that month..

This was the original look when i started the birds of paradise journey. After taking a picture i was not so happy because i like to have a finished look and i felt that this was just too scattered and disorganised . i was also not too happy with the purple colour that i picked for my eye shadow. I decided i was going to stay with the hairdo on the right because i did not want my locs all over the place.

I did this look. i was happy with the centerpiece on my forehead but i was not happy AGAIN with my eye shadow so i decided to go for hot pink only

 Finally i was happy with my look but i was still a novice with fixing strip lashes and i just could not imagine submitting my picture with that flaw.  LOL

Yep I took the lazy way out. i closed my eyes and VIOLA!!!! it worked. As you can see it worked out for everyone......