Thursday, 22 September 2011

A friend's wedding

Since I became a makeup artist I have not really participated or attended any weddings apart from going to do makeup for the bride and finding my way out once the bride is in the car. Well all that was about to change when I went for a friend's wedding. the traditional marriage held in Uyo while the white wedding was in Owerri and I was able to have some insider's information.

Although my friend Ama and I had been talking on phone, facebook and Blackberry chat we had actually not seen ourselves since we left secondary school which was in 1994 (that is a lonnngggg time)..She had no idea i was the one doing her traditional makeup and she was expecting a Bunmi so imagine the squealing and screaming and jumping and hugging as her sister introduced her to Bunmi (eyes rolling).

Okay i am yapping too much. Let us get on with the pictures.LOL

The Oron princess going to meet her groom

Making the headpiece

The back of the head piece. AMAZING
Unfortunately i was not able to get a good picture for the traditional wedding makeup but as soon as i can i will definitely upload it. Lemme say i had a swell time at Uyo and the next day we packed up our baggage and started heading to Owerri. It was raining all through the trip but we arrived in very high spirits because the countdown had begun...

A small makeover i did for my friend a day before the wedding.
The night before the wedding we went about putting sugar almonds in little nests that would be set up on the table as well as making sure everything was working according to schedule. I am ashamed to say i slept off and had absolutely no idea when the goodie bag was packed.But in my defence i needed the sleep because i had to get up really early and prepare.LOL

The sweet almonds in their nest (yummy!!)

The gazebo (beautiful!!) Those are real flowers

Chocolate (double yummy!)

this is me fooling around the gazebo the night before

Chrome bottle stopper 

Scented soap in a nest

salt and pepper shakers (theme was love birds)

The goodie bag where everything was packed courtesy Mementos Inc

The Chairs for reception

The aisle for the bride. was not yet ready the day before

Can you see the lights behind OMG!

Where the couple sat during the ceremony for the vows

So you have had  a preview of what an insider was able to see. we now move to the wedding ceremony itself. Let me at this point say that it was a very intimate and nice wedding. i felt like we knew everyone in the hall and i want to give a BIG THUMBS UP to the bride and groom for making it that way. Not once did a bridezilla moment happen(well i think...LOL)

Fediben Class of 94 being represented. i am the last person to your right

Wearing THE DRESS. 

Just after doing the makeup before wearing the dress

With the bridesmaid

bride dancing with her friends

Let me just say i had a swell time and i was so busy the days flew by. I don't know when next i will be this involved in a wedding so thank you Ama for giving me the chance....


The decor was done by Dezua Events (08064018327)
Goodie bag was by Mementos Inc (07059839631)
facebook page for mementos inc (

I hope you all have fun reading this....