Friday, 25 November 2011

My Hair styles

Ever since I decided to go natural I am always looking for ways to style my hair differently. I do this especially when i am on braids. I just cannot handle having to stay with one style for 4- 6 weeks.

So here are some styles I whip out with my braids. Let me know what you think.

I do this style when i just do not have more than 30 seconds to spend on my hair. You will see me on this style when i am going casual and the weather is not too hot.

A side part with all the hair tucked in neatly behind. I use this when i am dressed up and going for a meeting or when i am busy applying make-up on a client. i would hate my hair flying around.

I weave my hair into a plait and just go. i sometimes tuck it in or i pack it with a pretty ornament behind. Great for busy days i have to just work.

My hair in a bun. I guess by now you know i am not really crazy about my hair flying around. I like to keep my hair in one place and be sure that it stays there. lol

You would see me like this when i am probably going out for leisure. i like the casual look it gives. I use hair pins on one side of the hair.

I am yet to go out with this style but i have been practicing on perfecting the look. here i start weaving my hair from the bottom instead of the top and neatly pin the hair to the side on the top. Maybe it would work for a red carpet event??? Will keep you all updated.

Reminder-to-self. If  I have to rock this look for a red carpet i should give a side pose for the cameras (click click).

All this looks take me five minutes maximum to achieve..

Feel free to drop comments and let me know what you think...........