Thursday, 17 July 2014


Hi everyone! it has been ages but I am back for real! Seriously! If you have missed me on my blog i really hope that you have not missed me on the internet especially on my face book page.

Quick reminder you can find me on these various platforms twitter (omegiee), facebook (yazisplace), instagram (omegiee). To have a personal chat you can try our bbm channel C0031C40C.

Now going back to the topic, While I was away from my blog but not away from the internet, I came across the work of students of a brow course. Their work was really exceptional and so natural and beautiful. While contacting the school I found out they were launching an online course. I communicated with the founder and immediately loved how passionate she sounded about her course.

Thus began my journey with the Brow Artist International. Their course is so thorough but what really amazed me and still does is the follow up and feedback made available for the graduates is amazing. I have begun to look at the brows in a totally different form. I am glad to be part of a network of highly skilled and passionate brow artists worldwide.

I just completed my practicals and written tests and really look forward to getting my certificates.

Find below some pictures of brows done since i became a student of the course(this is not semi permament or permanent makeup). I look forward to getting clients who are interested in getting the full potential of their eyebrows. You can call 08179968691/08054145929.