Friday, 18 November 2011

Harmattan is in Abuja (brrrrrr)

The Harmattan is officially in Abuja. This is a cool dry wind that comes from the North in the dry season between November and January every year. It is our own version of winter but not as cold but can be very harsh on skin and hair not taken care of properly.

I have dry skin on my face (this is rare in Nigeria). I do not use primers to keep makeup on and i am religious about moisturising my face day and night or else dry patches form all over my face. During the harmattan you can imagine what happens!!.

Now that i have natural hair i have to think now of taking care of my hair and skin.

For my hair i have decided to add extensions and twist my hair for the period. i was not crazy about having to fix weaves. I still plan to clean my scalp regularly and use my water and coconut oil mix to spritz my hair to keep it moisturised. Before i did the twists i did the hot oil treatment on my hair and i intend to do that again immediately i have it loosened.

For this period on my face i will be using Black opal cream foundation in perfect bronze , because i like the sheen it gives my face. Since i have dry skin i am not a fan of matte looks on my face. i like the shine in the right places (forehead, cheeks,)lol.

I will also be religiously using my lip balm and i have noticed when i use it before i sleep i have practically no issues with cracked lips. For those of you in abuja, even if you have oily skin don't forget to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise and don't forget to get a one that has SPF 15.

Afro twist braids i used. texture is just like my hair

Ready for the harmattan. 

For those of you with oily skin enjoy the season because i know the tendency to break out is less.

Don't forget this is the best time to whip out that cream foundation when you need full coverage.

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