Tuesday, 15 November 2011

New Haul: Makeup products acquired for Oct/Nov

Hi everyone. just wanted to share with you my recent acquisitions in my kit.

Sleek pout paint

This comes in 11 colours and i have 7. By my calculation i am expecting the Peek a bloo and Cloud nine to be the first ones to get exhausted since they are used to darken and lighten colours of the other pout paint as well as lipstick in general. A little drop goes a long way.

Elf brushes

Starting from the top that is the ELF kabuki face brush, Stipple brush, Angled eye liner brush. A Makeup Artist can never have enough brushes (LOL).

Sephora Lash application kit

This came with a pair of scissors, tweezers(you can never have too many), a lash applicator (this is what i need to apply lashes on myself and it works!!!), 10 birchwood sticks to help set the lashes.

Threading kit

Threading kit in a bag

My recently acquired threading kit which contains two packs of threading thread (lol, how does that sound), talcum powder (to avoid sweaty hands), tweezers (never enough), eye brow stencils, one MUA eyeshadow,  a pair of magnifying glasses ( i think i like this, i look cute in them). The magnifying glasses are to be able to see what i am doing properly when threading brows or when i start my lash extension services (watch this space). The glasses will make sure i do not strain my eyes when working.

okay so i have given you a breakdown of my additions for the month. Enjoy and have a great day.

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