Thursday, 1 December 2011

It is December......Dedicated to all busy MOMs!!!

Hi all,

This is the first day of December and in the Nigerian fashion I wish you all a happy month.... This is the festive season and everyone has to look their best including us busy moms. Right now I am growing my brows out so i can get it threaded and looking it best for Christmas.

It really can be tough having a thousand and one things to do and yet still have time for makeup application. I personally feel your pain. .

I don't go around wearing a full face of foundation everyday. This is what i have in my Makeup bag

1. MAC studio finish concealer -- This is to help even out my skin tone, i have gotten some dark spots since after my pregnancy. They have faded out and since i am not a fan of bleaching my skin i will wait till they fade naturally but for now, my concealer will do the work. I use the concealer around my mouth, under my eyes, the corners of my nose.

2. For pressed powder I use either MAC mineralize skinfinish natural (Dark) or Make-up Designory mineral powder - I use my powder brush and apply it all over my face. Also used to set the concealer.

3. Brown brow pencil

4. Mascara

5. Lip pencil and Lipstick - If you looking for lasting colour on your lips then a lipstick is a must-have in your bag. If you want to go the extra mile and look glam at all times then find the perfect red or pink lipstick for your skin tone.

People always see me and think i am fully made up and i am so sure it is my red lipstick that keeps the glam going.

Lipstick, Mascara, Pressed powder and concealer

If you are too worried about red being too bright you can use a red lip pencil all over your lips and then use a brown lipstick on top like the pic above.

plus my eyes lined,  blush and lipstick

Another way to add a little extra glam on your face could be to use a black pencil to line your eyes. Please when lining the lower side of your eyes try and stay in the inner rim and you can use a cotton bud to clean out any pencil smudges.

I have also added some blush and changed the lipstick colour. I used a red lip liner and a very bright pink lipstick .

Lip liner and clear lip gloss

Here i used red lip liner all over my mouth and then clear lip gloss.I feel my lips are already full so i am not really a fan of lip glosses.

Final tips to keep this five mins face fresh.

* Invest on blotting paper. if you are sweating first use facial tissue and dab on your skin to gently soak up the sweat then finish off with your blotting paper to remove the shine. That way you don't have to keep powdering more product on your face.

* if you use lipstick instead of lip gloss you will probably need to reapply your lipstick only after lunch (wink) instead of every 1 hour.

* Red Lipstick = Instant Glam mom ( tried and tested)......

Wishing all busy moms a glamorous month. Enjoy the festive period.

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