Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Now accepting online payments

Earlier in September, we started offering the option of booking online. Now we are accepting online payments. This is how it will work. When anyone books for a service we will request your email address and send an invoice which will have a payment link.. This payment link will take you to the Interswitch gateway where you will be able to pay for the service. Please note that we will be sending an invoice of at least 50% payment for the service. We are so excited to be offering this payment platform to our clients. Don't forget that we also accept direct bank transfers, cash or using the POS machine at the studio. If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook you would have noticed we have eyelash growth serums for sale. Feel free to call us on 08179968691 for more details on it. I am a huge fan as i can already see the differemce in the lashes after the use of the growth serum in one week. Look out for a blog review soon.