Friday, 15 August 2014

New service now available - LASH LIFT

Drum roll........

Announcing a new service at Yazi's place. It is known as the Lash lift.

If you have downward facing lashes , the lash lift will give a lift to your natural lashes by adding a curve to it. Also recommended for extra curly lashes (the type that have a mind of their own and grow in different directions).

This treatment does not need extensions as it separates and gives a nice curl/lift to your own natural lashes. You can decide to have a tint afterwards and you can also use mascara on the lashes.

As with all our services, your eyes are always closed during the treatment and it takes 30 - 45 minutes to complete.

I was able to do a fellow colleague's lashes.. She has very short and curly lashes and we normally wear extensions for her. She was very happy with the final result and so was I. For enquiries call us on 08179968691/08054145929 or add our bbm channel C0031C40C or just search Yazi's place on the channel list.

Before lash lift

After lash lift
 In other news we got a Glamcor kit at the studio...yay!!!! Now i don't have to worry about adequate lighting for both studio and mobile services. Having used the lights this is a great addition to my kit for doing lashes, eyebrows and makeup application.