Friday, 1 August 2014

Hygiene in my workplace

Do you worry about hygiene when visiting a beauty professional? It is something i think about whenever i need to attend to my clients. You never want to leave people thinking they might get an infection from you. Do you?

It is so great that cosmetic companies are now making products geared towards this now.

My hands are my primary tool. I always wash my hands before I start working. I do have hand sanitizers but nothing beats giving your hands a good scrub with soap and running water.

Seeing that i do lashes,brows and make-up, my next tools are brushes and tweezers.

For my brushes i use different sets of brushes for people and these must be clean (I had this drummed in my head since during my certification course at the London school of Beauty and Makeup).

My tweezers are first scrubbed then disinfected before i keep them back in their case. I also have the alcohol swabs to clean the tips just before i start working. Since i may not have time to wash one set of tweezers when I have a lot of clients, I have several tweezers that i can go through.

During the eyelash/eyebrow services I use disposable cotton buds, eye patches and mascara wands.

Last, but not the least i always give my trolley case and massage bed with a scrub down with bleach.

If "cleanliness is next to Godliness", then it is a public good to be hygienic.

I like to think my hygiene preparedness is part of the reason why i have not had anyone complain of reactions during their treatments.

On that note i leave you with a picture of one of my clients this week.