Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas and Glitter party look for the season

So it is Christmas season and it is the best time to use glitter eye shadows for the parties. I was so lucky to get the NYX glitter eye shadow from Gifty's Daughter during the festive season. To see the NYX glitter palette in a previous post Click here.

My aim was to do a look that would still do justice to Yazi's place motto which is Be natural, Be beautiful, Be you.

Outside in the natural light

So I took the picture outside and then realised this was a party look and I wanted to see how it would hold under the camera flash so I went back in the house and took some shots.

The first thing I did was use a light purple (matte) eye shadow on my eyelid and then used a darker purple and some brown at the outer corner of my eyes.

Now I got a stiff brush and then gently dabbed (did not rub) the pink glitter eye shadow. I placed it exactly where I wanted it to stay..

I also used a shimmery blush from Sleek for my cheeks. I guess the shimmer is very subtle.

So this is the look with my eyes opened and with the camera flash. Definitely rocking this look for my birthday.....

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