Thursday, 24 July 2014


My Top 5 beauty summer must-haves

Summer is the hottest and warmest time of the year. Check out my top 5 beauty summer must-haves:

1. Sunscreen: With the sun out you definitely need to protect your skin against the harmful rays. I always make sure my SPF face cream is 15 and above. Make sure you rub it on a few minutes before you plan to go out.


2. Brow powder: I like using brow powder to fill in my brows when i want to go for a more natural look.

3. Lash extensions: Since i don't want to worry about mascara running or smudging i love love lash extensions, they open up your eyes and give you a more youthful look.

4. Pedicure: Most people are wearing peep toes shoes and sandals during summer. You definitely need to pamper those feet to feel soft and nice.

5. Primer: face primer or eye primer, if you want your makeup to last longer in the heat then you need these in your arsenal. 

Enjoy the summer. Be natural, be beautiful, be you!

Please note all pictures were picked from the internet apart from the lash extension which is my personal picture.