Monday, 23 July 2012

Make-up tools purchased for July..

Hi everyone, So I got some tools that I needed for my mobile makeup and lash extension business. A lot of people were surprised when I didn't buy cosmetics like I normally do. I just stuck to items that I needed after all I am a makeup artist and not a makeup junkie, lol.


First on my list is the real techniques core collection and starter set. I love how colourful the brushes are.... Also the bristles are soooo soft.


The starter set has the eyeshadow, crease, accent, liner and brow brushes.
The core collection has a buffing brush, concealer brush, foundation brush and a highlighting brush. I also love the cases they came inside.
Second on my list is a portable massage bed for my lash extension clients. To fix semi permanent lashes one needs to lie down flat and this bed is the perfect solution.
Massage bed
This is the bed in its case. Very portable.
The massage bed is open and the we are open for business. Who will be my first customer on the comfy bed?
The last but not the least is a portable rugged makeup artist director's chair. No more sore backs for me or tired necks for my clients.....
In its carry case
The chair opened up.
I got the brushes at Boots while the bed and chair were from eBay.